Why us?

poland 2 1. 100% made in Poland NO delays, NO shipping from CHINA, NO taxes, NO customs – great business partner within EU laws and reasonable distance
clock 2. Fast responsewe are ready to design any desired product within 48 hours and send to you for approval / comment
delivery 3. Fast delivery24 to 48 hours delivery within Europe. We signed strategic partnership with a logistic company with proven track record of deliveries to France in less than 18 hours if needed
24h 4. Full availabilityready to answer your questions 24/7
1n 5. Unlimited manufacturing constraintshappy to serve you from 1 to desired number of items. We offer high global standards mixed with agility and flexibility of local / private company

Benefits of cooperation:

cup 1. Competitive advantage very few companies equip products with specially designed covers for long-lasting & friendly user experience
businessman 2. Professional touch it proves that you care not only to sell the product but you want to ensure that final user is happy before, while and after using your products - seamless equity building tool
money 3. Additional money did you know that you can easily make an extra margin on tailor-made covers? Just offer our products as a premium upgrade of your portfolio – clear differentiation vs. your competition
schield 4. Additional value for final user of your productshaving tools that last for longer - always protected equipment carried in easy to use tailor-made covers


tailor made napis over napis  reliable napis outercases napis