The family Company

toro v2 v1 03 The TORO company was established in 1990 right after communism collapse in Poland. We started from producing professional bag packs / mountain hardwear but over the time the assortment has been evolving responding to growing market needs finally focusing on three main areas: 
toro v2 v1 06 1. Sports equipment – we are the leading manufacturer of skiing and bicycling gear covers and bags in Poland distributing them in all sport goods store chains for the last 25+ years
toro v2 v1 08 2. Advertisement goods – from badge leashes, through wallets, t-shirts to branded bags & backpacks tailor-made and designed as per request and specific needs
toro v2 v1 10 3. Special industrial hardware covers / bags / cases – leveraging and merging the experience from sports and advertisement delivering high quality, reliable and durable tailor-made products designed specifically for each industry with logo in embroidery or screen printing technique
toro v2 v1 12 What makes us special is that we always aim to be a as reliable as the products we manufacture. We guarantee professional approach to every request, speed & agility of design, production and delivery of our products. Your satisfaction is the TOP priority of our every employee during every day work on every project
toro v2 v1 14 We are the family company. Started and led by Paweł Sokół (CEO) engineer of Warsaw Tech University and lifetime fan of skiing and cycling, supported by his son Piotr Sokół – responsible for export and new business development



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